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Finding public records in Oklahoma City is relatively straightforward. Adoptive parents Attorney for the subject or adoptive parents A representative with Power of Attorney document Legal guardian Anyone with a court order Foster parent Genealogists Individuals who wish to obtain copies of Oklahoma City birth certificates may do so online, by Phone: through third-party vendorsin-person, or by mail. Like birth and death certificates, some documents are confidential and only available to the subject and eligible individuals. Adoptive parents Attorney for the subject or adoptive parents A representative with Power of Attorney document Legal guardian Anyone with a court order Foster parent Genealogists Oklahoma city record who wish to obtain copies of Oklahoma City birth certificates may do so online, by Phone: through third-party vendorsin-person, or by mail. Like birth and death certificates, some documents are confidential and only available to the subject and eligible individuals.

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When the patients showed good lung functions, sedation would be stopped and patients would be extubated. However, one of them awakened and had to proceed with ECMO without sedation. If patients became haemodynamically stable, ECMO would be stopped for one hour. If the patients continued to be stable with good blood circulation and cardiac function, ECMO would be removed. Operatively, all the eight patients underwent median sternotomy under general anaesthesia.

Conventional ascending aorta cannulation, as well as superior and inferior vena cava cannulation, were established. The ECMO cannula was disconnected from the loop. Following that, the loop would be attached to a connector to turn it into a closed-loop self-circulation. The aortic cross-clamp was applied before starting the cardioplegia solution by cooling the heart surface with ice debris.

Surgically, three patients underwent coronary artery bypass surgery and mitral valve replacement. Another patient underwent routine mitral valve replacement with left ventricular posterior wall repair. In the operation, a sidewall clamp was first applied on the aorta while the proximal stapler was used to anastomose the proximal end of the target vessel before being moved down to perform distal anastomosis.

The other four patients underwent simple CABG. All the bridging vessels used were the great saphenous veins. Of the total 15 grafts, five were for the anterior descending branch, one was for the diagonal branch, six for the circumflex branches, and three for the posterior descending branches. Mitral valve replacement was performed in four patients in which the posterior leaflet was retained and the intermittent suture was implanted.

An artificial mechanical valve was used Medtronic AP M24 or 26 for the patient with a ruptured posterior wall of the left ventricle as a result of visceral trauma. All the patients were followed-up on November 30th , via phone and by outpatient visits to determine their survivals and cardiac functions.

Results There were six males and two females with an age range between 15 and 78 years-old Among them, six patients had an acute myocardial infarction, one patient had unstable angina, while another suffered from cardiac trauma. Three of them received cardiopulmonary resuscitation Table 1.

However, Chiang's allied commander Zhang Xueliang , whose forces were used in his attack and whose homeland of Manchuria had been recently invaded by the Japanese, did not support the attack on the Communists. After releasing Chiang and returning to Nanjing with him, Zhang was placed under house arrest and the generals who had assisted him were executed. Chiang's commitment to the Second United Front was nominal at best, and it was all but broken up in The Second Sino-Japanese War broke out in July , and in August of that year Chiang sent , of his best-trained and equipped soldiers to defend Shanghai.

With over , Chinese casualties, Chiang lost the political cream of his Whampoa -trained officers. Although Chiang lost militarily, the battle dispelled Japanese claims that it could conquer China in three months and demonstrated to the Western powers that the Chinese would continue the fight. By December, the capital city of Nanjing had fallen to the Japanese resulting in the Nanking massacre.

Chiang moved the government inland, first to Wuhan and later to Chongqing. Having lost most of China's economic and industrial centers, Chiang withdrew into the hinterlands, stretching the Japanese supply lines and bogging down Japanese soldiers in the vast Chinese interior.

As part of a policy of protracted resistance, Chiang authorized the use of scorched earth tactics, resulting in many civilian deaths. During the Nationalists' retreat from Zhengzhou , the dams around the city were deliberately destroyed by the Nationalist army to delay the Japanese advance, killing , people in the subsequent Yellow River flood. After heavy fighting, the Japanese occupied Wuhan in the fall of and the Nationalists retreated farther inland, to Chongqing.

While en route to Chongqing, the Nationalist army intentionally started the "fire of Changsha" , as a part of the scorched earth policy. The fire destroyed much of the city, killed twenty thousand civilians, and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Due to an organizational error it was claimed , the fire was begun without any warning to the residents of the city.

The Nationalists eventually blamed three local commanders for the fire and executed them. He died in , within a year of the end of World War II. Chiang with Franklin D. Under orders from Chiang, Ma Bufang repaired Yushu airport to prevent Tibetan separatists from seeking independence. Ma Bufang attacked the Tibetan Buddhist Tsang monastery in Chiang was even named the Supreme Commander of Allied forces in the China war zone.

This was meant to fulfill President Roosevelt's promise to Chiang Kai-shek to begin bombing operations against Japan by November However, Chiang Kai-shek's subordinates refused to take airbase construction seriously until enough capital had been delivered to permit embezzlement on a massive scale. He first told the Americans that they would be welcome in talks between the Soviet Union and China, then secretly told the Soviets that the Americans were unimportant and that their opinions would not be considered.

Chiang also used American support and military power in China against the ambitions of the Soviet Union to dominate the talks, stopping the Soviets from taking full advantage of the situation in China with the threat of American military action against the Soviets. President Franklin D. Roosevelt , through General Stilwell, privately made it clear that they preferred that the French not reacquire French Indochina modern day Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos after the war was over.

Roosevelt offered Chiang control of all of Indochina. It was said that Chiang replied: "Under no circumstances! In February he also forced the French to surrender all of their concessions in China and to renounce their extraterritorial privileges in exchange for the Chinese withdrawing from northern Indochina and allowing French troops to reoccupy the region.

Following France's agreement to these demands, the withdrawal of Chinese troops began in March Chiang claims that he said he was in favor of an international presence on the islands. Lieutenant General Joseph W. Stilwell , Burma , April In , when Japan surrendered , Chiang's Chongqing government was ill-equipped and ill-prepared to reassert its authority in formerly Japanese-occupied China , and it asked the Japanese to postpone their surrender until Kuomintang KMT authority could arrive to take over.

American troops and weapons soon bolstered KMT forces, allowing them to reclaim cities. The countryside, however, remained largely under Communist control. Chiang implemented his war-time phrase "repay evil with good" and made a huge effort to protect elements of the Japanese invading army.

Many top nationalist generals, including Chiang, had studied and trained in Japan before the Nationalists had returned to the mainland in the s, and maintained close personal friendships with top Japanese officers. The Japanese general in charge of all forces in China, General Yasuji Okamura , had personally trained officers who later became generals in Chiang's staff. Reportedly, General Okamura, before surrendering command of all Japanese military forces in Nanjing, offered Chiang control of all 1.

Reportedly, Chiang seriously considered accepting this offer, but declined only in the knowledge that the United States would certainly be outraged by the gesture. Even so, armed Japanese troops remained in China well into , with some noncommissioned officers finding their way into the Nationalist officer corps. Furthermore, his party was weakened in the war against Japan.

Meanwhile, the Communists told different groups, such as peasants, exactly what they wanted to hear, and cloaked themselves in the cover of Chinese Nationalism. Due to concerns about widespread and well-documented corruption in Chiang's government throughout his rule, the U. Alleged infiltration of the U. In his diary in June , Chiang wrote that the KMT had failed, not because of external enemies but because of rot from within. The Nationalists initially had superiority in arms and men, but their lack of popularity, infiltration by Communist agents, low morale, and disorganization soon allowed the Communists to gain the upper hand in the civil war.

This marked the beginning of what was termed the "democratic constitutional government" period by the KMT political orthodoxy, but the Communists refused to recognize the new Constitution, and its government, as legitimate. Chiang resigned as president on 21 January , as KMT forces suffered terrible losses and defections to the Communists.

Li attempted to negotiate milder terms that would have ended the civil war, but without success. When it became clear that Li was unlikely to accept Mao's terms, the Communists issued an ultimatum in April , warning that they would resume their attacks if Li did not agree within five days. Li refused. When the Communists captured the Nationalist capital of Nanjing in April , Li refused to accompany the central government as it fled to Guangdong , instead expressing his dissatisfaction with Chiang by retiring to Guangxi.

At Chiang's request Yan visited Li to convince Li not to withdraw from public life. Yan broke down in tears while talking of the loss of his home province of Shanxi to the Communists, and warned Li that the Nationalist cause was doomed unless Li went to Guangdong. Li agreed to return under the condition that Chiang surrender most of the gold and US dollars in his possession that belonged to the central government, and that Chiang stop overriding Li's authority.

After Yan communicated these demands and Chiang agreed to comply with them, Li departed for Guangdong. Li's first choice of premier was Chu Cheng, a veteran member of the Kuomintang who had been virtually driven into exile due to his strong opposition to Chiang. By this time Yan was well known for his adaptability and Chiang welcomed his appointment.

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Caribou is clearly a leader in this field, and I am excited to join its board of directors. Landmark Bio focuses on the emerging technologies of cell and gene therapies, mRNA, and other novel modalities to enable and accelerate drug development and biomedical innovation. Prior to joining Landmark Bio earlier this year, Ms. Zheng most recently served as chief technical officer at Orchard Therapeutics, a commercial-stage global gene therapy company specializing in hematopoietic stem cell-based gene therapies.

In that role, Ms. Zheng has also held leadership positions at multiple biotechnology companies including Genzyme now Sanofi and Amgen. At Amgen, Ms. Zheng received an M. CRISPR systems occasionally edit unintended genomic sites, known as off-target editing, which may lead to harmful effects on cellular function and phenotype.

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