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A turnout of above 80 per cent was recorded and the process was almost entirely peaceful. As the final results were announced, celebrations rent the air in several parts of the country after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared President-elect of the Republic of Kenya. As is the norm in any competition, there will always be losers and winners.

Of the seven presidential candidates who courted Kenyans to elect them as their leader through a peaceful albeit slow process, six conceded defeat; while the runner-up Raila Odinga discredited the integrity of the electoral process and vowed to fight the results in court.

This is well within his constitutional rights and his supporters expected as much from him. Kenyans are now waiting with bated breath as the Supreme Court prepares to hear and determine these disputes as set out in Article of the Constitution. Expectations are high and both sides of the political divide have pledged to accept the outcome of the poll petition.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has promised Kenyans that Supreme Court is ready to hear this petition and that it will be guided by fairness to both parties. He is an aggressive and astute politician. A great mobiliser and organiser… As a Kenyan leader, he would not just be a spineless sycophant. He would insist on dialogue in the pursuit of Kenyan interest.

He also has a vision and roadmap for Kenya unlike other politicians. From the statements above, which are in the public domain, it is clear Mutunga has a soft spot for Raila Odinga and it is highly unlikely that such visibly displayed affections have dissipated. Such statements raise serious conflict of interest and doubts as to his ability to be impartial in hearing and determining the presidential election petitions before the Supreme Court. It is clear Mutunga has advanced a cause in which Raila is presented as the best man to be President of Kenya.

As lawyers will put it, no man should be a judge in his own cause. Justice is a cardinal virtue of any emerging democracy and Kenyans want the gains the Judiciary has painstakingly made to be built upon so as to advance our democracy, not watered down. Jubilee argues that the will of the people was manifestly reflected during the elections while Cord contends the election was bungled. The Supreme Court is now in the unenviable position of determining where the truth lies.

However, the process through which this is done ought to be transparent and free from either actual bias or appearance of such. In this regard, justice must not only be done but must also be seen to be done. One of these goals is the maintenance of public confidence in the impartiality of the Judiciary, which is essential to the effectiveness of the court system. Independence contributes to the perception that justice will be done in individual cases.

And he even knew what city he wanted his visa stamped — Den Haag, to visit one Fatou Bensouda! The small matter of rape, use of child soldiers, murder, ethnic persecution, and sexual slavery in in DR Congo. Their supporters can no longer just pop in and get a hifive greeting any more.

Pope Francis never seemed to know this on Saturday when he waded into a crowd to shake hands and chat, leaving his security detail red-faced. And finally He will be referred to as Pope Francis I when in future another Pope picks the name Francis and hence the need to differentiate the two. These key witnesses are chickening out at a suspect way with queer reasons like having been trained to speak, being bribed at some point to witness or others being killed.

What we can only hope for a speedy reform of our own courts for the victims of the elections to get a quick justice since signs are the court of last resort could fail on this matter. While I commend the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy for challenging the results of the March 4 presidential election in the Supreme Court, it is not right way leaders are politicising the issue. Their allegations of ballot rigging are full of cruel deception.

It is high time peace loving Kenyans shun such political rumour mongering and misinformation, which are likely to jeopardise national peace and stability. Why politicise a petition already before the Supreme Court? Is this not sub-judice? Yes, there are no reported cases of killing or attacks related to the justconcluded elections, but unless peace means the absence of war, the elections were not peaceful.

A visit to social sites, especially Facebook, would shock you. Here, Kenyans are trading insults based on political and tribal affiliations. There are even pages created purposely to disregard or defend poll winners and losers as IEBC announced. It is on this basis that I welcome the threat by the Government to shut down social sites. One fails to understand how one who is to earn more than Sh, a month plus other allowances should complain yet majority of Kenyans can hardly make ends meet.

These figures must have been properly worked out and disgruntled fellows should take or leave what is offered. Publicity shows displayed by some of the frontrunners in CORD may supposedly be a crime in the making that the Judiciary ought to speak about. In one dimension, it might be visualised out as freedom of expression, but the aftermath may yield a scar of hatred to our beloved country. Kenyans should not allow their support for a given political actor blindfold their steps and choices in life.

Kenyans are much more important than individuals. At the same time, the presidentelect and his deputy should stop using State security and resources because their election is disputed. Again, they are yet to be sworn-in.

That he made Kriegler commission wait all day for rigging evidence that was never presented is itself proof the 60, winning margin in is not true. And that he won by a million votes but was rigged out in March 4 elections is another example yet to stand the test of veracity in court.

The PM also has, in various occasions — including on Monday — claimed the Supreme Court will make a fair ruling based on facts. For now, and until the Supreme Court rules otherwise, Uhuru Kenyatta is the president-elect and is entitled to use these resources.

Leaders should begin to show concern over what really affects us such as the declining value of shilling and shares at the bourse. Harris Rono Teacher held for defiling girl, There exists very beautiful women at all corners in Mombasa and Nairobi streets, which these mannerless adults should negotiate with for cheap sex and save these young and innocent angels the agony and stigma of defilement.

Men who commit these crimes should put themselves in the shoes of the affected family members before doing it. Mariora Team proposes lean Cabinet of 22 ministries: The 22 number is good for our country. Hope no one will create ministries for his friends. All the best Uhuru and Ruto. I have also been wondering how this kind of commercial found its way into our TV stations when its message is highly misleading and a threat to our moral fabric. How can two married women be discussing about how they should use condom just because the husband is on a trip or is perpetually drunk?

It is true we live in a society where faithfulness and trust in relationships has become alien, but condoms have always been the last resort. We cannot encourage people to use them before we tell them about the importance of abstinence for the unmarried and faithfulness among couples.

The advert is in bad faith and dangerous. Even the developed nations do not condone extramarital affairs. We know of very big names that went under the gutters after being discovered to have engaged in this practice. As a staunch Catholic, I join the clerics and others for the immediate ban of this TV commercial before it wrecks more havoc.

And who regulates what goes into our screens? So far, in the first few days of his pontificate, this pope has amazed millions of people for his humility and simplicity. A case in point was when he went back to his Vatican hotel near the Piazza Navona to pay his bills and collect his luggage. Being Vatican owned, Pope Francis could have just sent his orderlies to get his bags and as for the bill, charge it to the account of the Holy See.

But he would have none of that. Later he took a bus with the other cardinals as they moved to another place in the Vatican. Last Saturday, he met with the international Press at the Vatican Auditorium, which was filled to the brim. I found it a candid, frank and friendly exchange between the new pope and the Press. When he gave them his blessing, he did not bless them with the usual Catholic way, but blessed each one of them in silence. Yes, he even blessed a seeing eye Labrador dog brought in by a blind journalist.

The Vatican just elected a new Pope and guess what he is still Catholic! Let Uhuru relax and wait for the decision of the court. Joseph Follow us! The Editor reserves the right to edit the letters. Correspondents should give their names and address as a sign of good faith, though not necessarily for publication.

It may be noted that the Department has written to his bank thrice to avail a comprehensive schedule with pension file numbers to enable the Department identify the intended payees of the returned pension. It may however be noted that the Department is yet to receive a response from his bank to date.

The Department got in touch with Kibuye and explained the matter to him with the understanding that his returned pension will be processed as soon as his bank avails the required information without which the Department is unable to act. In the meantime the Department has sent a fourth reminder to his bank. Since it was constructed, the bridge innumerable lives have been lost at the bridge.

Only recently, Nkaranga reports that four members of one family perished on this black spot when a lorry swept them into the treacherous deep valley. But why exactly is the bridge so deadly? The bridge, suggests Nkaranga, should be relocated or built on a straight line formation and made wider.

The officer is suspected to have robbed a man of Sh, and a camera on February Then there was the case recently of a Mr Waiganjo who has never seen the inside of Kiganjo, but who was calling the shots in the police force. Needless to say, the force will continue stinking like a skunk as long as criminals continue masquerading as police officers. Residents of Bomet have been hearing a lot about police reforms and suspect the skewing of this sign post is part the motley changes. Louise and Martine Fokkens confessed to have slept with , men between them.

If you think that the Chesang wants the swoops against prostitutes intensified, you are wrong. He wants prostitution legalised. The Government should bring prostitution out of backstreets and dark alleys. His father borrowed money from AFC, Migori branch in to engage in sugarcane farming but Muchiri alleged that Sony Sugar Company had let him down by not helping him harvest the cane. Recently the firm disappointed him again when it asked him to harvest and transport the cane to the company, although he has no means of doing so.

Can AFC give us more time as we are more than willing to clear the debt, but circumstances do not favour us? Did Sony and AFC listen to this distraught family? Drivers who care less about law Drivers, reports Mr Prakash Suvarna, are breaking traffic rules with impunity. And it matters less whether they work for big companies such as Lafarge Bamburi Cement.

On March 14 at 5. Rain-powered blackouts For almost a year now, reports Hannah Wangari, Kileleshwa, especially Kasuku Centre and adjacent areas, has been experiencing frequent power black outs. This, she says, is despite weekly routine maintenance every Thursday.

Can Kenya Power Managing Director come to the rescue of the residents? In some cases the elected county officials have taken over premises presently occupied by regional administrators and government departments, which has threatened central government operations. The governors-elect insist that the premises given must befit their status as the Chief Executive Officers of the county governments.

The conflict has compelled the TA to spell out procedures for identification and renovation of offices for the devolved units. TA chairman Kinuthia Wamwangi explained that the decision is based on the negotiated principles as agreed by the Office of the President under the national framework, which recognises the ordinations of all government departments. Wamwangi stressed that parties involved in accessing the temporary offices until the governors establish their own permanent ones must strictly adhere to the negotiated principles.

He further warned that TA was the only body mandated to allocate, transfer, assign and recommend on the management of all public assets. Workers put the final touches inside what was the Kisii Municipal Council hall in preparation for the swearing in of the County Assembly members, yesterday. Without disclosing the amount set aside for the process, he said each county would get funds depending on needs assessment. He admitted that the problem is mainly at the provincial and district headquarters where the elected leaders and their supporters have threatened to expel the occupants.

He singled out Kakamega, Garissa, Nyeri among others and called for tolerance. The chairman appealed to both parties to co-operate as things might turn out differently after the transfer of other departments to the county governments beginning July 1. He said the governor should also not be frustrated. He recognised the role played by ministries such as Home Affairs and Housing, which have assisted in the venture in counties like Kitui, Embu and Mombasa.

The chairman explained that the postponement of swearing in of governors- elect to March 27 was to allow for determination of pending court petitions. Wamwangi also disclosed that they were in consultation with various stakeholders to determine the new vehicle registration for county government.

He confirmed that county governments would fly one flag. Orange Democratic Movement ODM officials have planned a demonstration to oust Western PC James ole Seriani from his office in the provincial administration headquarters in order to give way for governor-elect Wycliffe Oparanya. Seriani has in the meantime issued a strong warning to those who intend to evict him, saying the county government cannot interfere with the central government.

Seriani added that office for the governor elect is not a party issue but should be left to the Transition Authority and other government staff to handle. He commended the progress made in Vihiga, Bungoma and Busia counties in getting offices for county authority and appealed to Kakamega team to work even harder to catch up with the other counties instead of politicising the matter.

The PC also called on Western leaders to familiarise themselves with all relevant laws on devolved government, for instance, the Constitution, county government Acts, National Administration Coordination Act and Transition Authority Act to enable them get a better understanding of the relationship between the central and county government. Kiambu Resident Welfare Association yesterday described the move as selfish, saying leaders and residents were not consulted.

Association Secretary Peter Njoroge said they would try all possible ways to reverse the proposal but if they fail, they will move to court. They dismissed claims by Kabogo that Kiambu town did not have adequate office space to host the Governor and the county chamber.

Previously, the Transitional Authority had proposed that the governor and his staff would take over Kiambu Municipal and County Council offices. The group comprising youths, women and persons living with disabilities said the list of nominees did not conform to the constitutional requirements for representation of special groups. Speaking to the Press in Busia, Mr Okalebo said a section of politicians have intentions of rewarding their cronies with the nominations. He said main purpose of the nomination was to ensure all groups were represented in the County Assembly.

In an advertisement in the local dailies, it stated that governors will from this month receive an inpatient medical cover of up to Sh10 million annually, among other attractive perks. The deputy governor would be allocated half this amount. The County Assembly Speaker and county representative would get an inpatient medical cover of Sh1 million. Their deputies will be allocated Sh64, allowances, and Sh7, for airtime. SRC has also indicated that the county State officers will serve on contract.

The gross monthly pay of governors has been capped at , while that of their deputies is , A number of county representatives have castigated the remuneration body for trimming their pay to 79,, from a high of Sh, The governors will be entitled to chauffeur-driven official cars, and the same will be extended to their deputies. Governors will be housed by the State and receive commensurate house utilities and home attendants.

SRC indicated that all allowances have been consolidated and capped at 40 per cent of the total gross remuneration package. In addition, the body states in the gazette notice that a State officer joining the Public Service at the county government shall adopt the minimum entry point of the respective remuneration scales.

The remuneration and benefits are made by SRC under powers conferred to it by the Constitution. The remunerations and benefits of the county officers are effective from March 1. Meanwhile, Meru County governor-elect Peter Munya has alleged a conspiracy by the central Government to derail operations of the county governments. Addressing Members of the County Assembly at a Meru hotel, Munya claimed they were deliberately underpaid to frustrate institutions in the county governments.

It is therefore unfortunate that they are the lowest paid staff among the elected Members of the County Assembly. Mwangathia ward County representative-elect Mr Julius Mbijiwe said that the long journey for their improved salary agitation had just began and that SRC should be ready. Khaemba will operate from his Naisambu residence while Dr Kemei will travel over 40km from Kachibora. Yesterday, Khaemba said it would take long before the new leadership acquires better and spacious offices.

Khaemba, who has promised to tackle corruption and streamline service delivery, argued tiny offices are the recipe of corruption. The Governor-elect was expected to hold a meeting with various institutions to discuss development agenda for the region. All has not been well at the town hall since the council is crippled financially with workers claiming not to have been paid.

It is also said corruption at the civic body has seen the town haphazardly planned and it will take a lot of effort from the new Governor to restore sanity in the town, a key food supplier to Turkana County and neighbouring South Sudan. Kiminini MP Dr Chris Wamalwa and women representative-elect Mrs Janet Nangabo promised despite the challenges, the new county leadership will ensure effective service delivery.

The leaders said that despite the town being endowed with business potential it has not been tapped due to lack of proper leadership. Residents of Malaba town in Busia County have challenged their governor-elect Sospeter Ojaamong to end perennial problems at the border point. Malaba, situated along the Northern corridor, houses about 12, residents but lacks basic amenities such as sewerage system, piped water and drainage system. The town also experiences endless congestion of cargo trucks due to lack of parking space forcing the trucks to park on the main street as they wait to cross the border.

These are said to be some of the challenges that have discouraged investors from the largest inland port in East and Central Africa. Some traders argued that Malaba had suffered a lot under the management of the former town council, adding that the county government should ensure that it becomes an investor friendly town.

Samira Ayan, a trader in Malaba says they had lacked confidence in the town council and now hope the new government would bring change. Former Malaba town council senior administrator Roselyn Ashepete said the town management had been taken over by the new government. The governor-elect said the two border towns of Malaba and Busia were a great asset to the county and pledged to ensure they are upgraded into modern towns. Ojaamong said the border points collect a lot of revenue, adding that his government would ensure taxpayers get value for their money.

Over cargo trucks cross the Malaba border daily into and out of the country. Since an average of unit vehicles destined for Uganda and other countries use it daily, a minimum of Sh, is collected in the town translating to Sh9 million every month. Ojaamong said revenue collected was enough to make Malaba the best business hub in Africa. He added that expansion of Webuye-Malaba highway and construction of a hour border point by World Bank is expected to ease congestion in the town.

Meanwhile, preparations to swear in the governor-elect are underway as technicians were putting final touches to his office at the former town hall. Sources told The Standard the deceased was ousted as the treasurer of Gikono Health Centre after he demanded a probe on alleged misuse of funds allocated by the Ministry of Health. He was rushed to Thika District Hospital after he was attacked at his home where he succumbed to injuries.

Both bodies were taken to Iten hospital mortuary. The soldier was among KDF troops in Somali and is believed to have been on sick leave. Two dormitories, a laboratory and staff room were destroyed in the fire that broke out early morning yesterday. The fire gutted one of the dormitories before spreading to adjacent buildings as residents, students and fire brigade fought to put it out.

Rongai OCPD Joseph Mwamburi there were no casualties though some students suffered bruises as they tried to salvage property. Her relatives, who described her as humble, obedient and respectful girl, said they did not know why she took the drastic action. Page 23 Blogs, archives, reader forums and more: www.

Mr Chebii disclosed that the council spends more than Sh40 million annually to support victims of the scourge in the region. He, however, said that giving HIV and Aids a priority should not preclude other communicable and non-communicable diseases. He said although some organisations receive funding from other sources, the resources had not been used prudently. Kimaiyo lauded development partners for financing the programmes and advised the Government to set aside adequate funds to support the activities.

Currently, there are over , people living with HIV and experts have warned that should donors withdraw their support, the lives of the victims would be at stake. Mr Obwocha Berea, a health expert, pointed out the need to support organisations to scale up the fight against the pandemic. The lorry was reportedly coming from Lodwar town and was headed to a slaughterhouse in Mogotio District.

Security officers drawn from Eldama Ravine and Mogotio, who were acting on a tip off, intercepted the lorry at Esageri centre, about 15 kilometres from the slaughterhouse. Six suspects, among them a businessman who claimed ownership of the livestock, were arrested. Area police boss Karisa Mwaringa, who led the operation, said they had launched investigation to establish the origin of the animals. Early last week, police intercepted two lorries ferrying goats and sheep suspected to have been stolen from cattle rustling-prone areas of Baringo North.

Police later released the animals to the owners, with five businessmen being arraigned in court in connection to the theft. Mr Mwaringa told The Standard his officers cornered the suspects along the Eldama Ravine-Nakuru road after they had offloaded the goats from a lorry near Eldama Ravine town.

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