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Finding public records in Oklahoma City is relatively straightforward. Adoptive parents Attorney for the subject or adoptive parents A representative with Power of Attorney document Legal guardian Anyone with a court order Foster parent Genealogists Individuals who wish to obtain copies of Oklahoma City birth certificates may do so online, by Phone: through third-party vendorsin-person, or by mail. Like birth and death certificates, some documents are confidential and only available to the subject and eligible individuals. Adoptive parents Attorney for the subject or adoptive parents A representative with Power of Attorney document Legal guardian Anyone with a court order Foster parent Genealogists Oklahoma city record who wish to obtain copies of Oklahoma City birth certificates may do so online, by Phone: through third-party vendorsin-person, or by mail. Like birth and death certificates, some documents are confidential and only available to the subject and eligible individuals.

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General Secretary: Rev. Object: To receive mission funds from the local churches and to use these in evangelistic and educational work in mission fields. William M. Object: To seek out the neglected portions of the earth for an aggressive evangelism through missionaries and trained native workers with a view to the development of indigenous, self-supporting, self-propagating and self-governing native churches.

Hawaiian Islands. Also work in Russia not included in this survey. Object: To preach the gospel at home and abroad. Secretary: Mr. Object: To give the Gospel and establish schools especially among the Negro people in the regions beyond. Office: Roosevelt Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana. Object: Not stated. Secretary: Miss Rena M. Office: I Street, Bedford, Indiana. Object: Home and foreign missions. Note: This Mission was formerly connected with the Pentecost Bands of the World, but now administers work in Egypt independently.

Holmgren, Architects Avenue, N. Income: Total not stated. Corresponding Secretary: Rev. Chesnut, Ph. Office: Delanson, New York. Object: Conducting Christian missions in unevangelized non-Christian nations, especially in Northern India. Secretaries: Robert E. Speer, D. Arthur J. Brown, D. Stanley White, D. George T. Scott, D. William P.

Schell, D. Charles K. Roys, Rev. Reginald Wheeler. Missionary work conducted by this group in Assam was transferred by the Presbyterian Church in the U. The year is noteworthy in that it was the first year of operation of the consolidation of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U. John A. Marquis, D.

Secretaries: Rev. John McDowell, D. David G. Wylie, D. George G. Mahy, D. William R. King, D. John M. Gaston, D. Object: To make America Christian for the redemption of mankind and the friendly service of the world. Income: The Board has no stated income as yet. The treasuries of the subsidiary Boards have been acting as a unit since April 1, Also other work in the United States not included in this survey.

Findley M. Wilson, D. Object: The salvation of individual souls and the reformation of society in non-Christian and in nominally Christian lands. Corresponding Secretary: Mr. James S. Office: Penn Building, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anderson, D. Object: The prosecution of foreign missionary work among unevangel- ized people. Foreign Secretary: Mrs.

John S. Object: Missionary work in home and foreign lands. Executive Secretary: Rev. Egbert W. Smith, D. Chester, D. Office: Fifth Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. Object: The dissemination and establishment of Christianity. Superintendent: Mrs. Office: Field Building, St. Louis, Missouri. Object: To assist the Presbyterian Church in the United States in foreign and home missions, in education, in ministerial relief, in publication and in Sunday school work.

These sums are included in the incomes reported by the Executive Committees of Home and Foreign Missions. Homer McMillan. Office: Hurt Building, Atlanta, Georgia. Zaccaria and others. Francesco Caracciolo — at Naples, Italy. The CRM worked mostly as missioners, but some worked in hospitals and prisons. Hermitages were provided for those who wished solitude. Perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is one of the main duties of the order.

A few Caracciolini went to China in the eighteenth century, including Nicola Tomacelli d. Pesaro, Italy, 12 February They served as procurators of Propaganda Fide. Luigi Affoni, messaggi della S. The new Constitution received papal approbation on 28 November This apostolate was carried on in the Byzantine-Slavic rite according to the Synodal version. He was joined later by other priests of the same congregation, among them Fr.

The central residence was in the St. The ordinariate was closed in In English and Polish. Echo des Missions Picpuciennes, vol. Hainan was separated from the Vicariate Apostolic of Pakhoi in and made a prefecture apostolic on 25 May Paul-Marie Julliotte was appointed prefect apostolic in June In the last Picpus Fathers were expelled from Hainan. John the Baptist was founded in by Domenico Francesco Olivieri d. Ferretti was appointed to Shaanxi, but was arrested during the persecution of — and condemned to lifelong imprisonment.

Conforti, who had arrived in China in , undertook an apostolic visitation of the Franciscan missions in Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Gansu on behalf of Propaganda Fide in the late s. When the Chinese authorities closed the Xitang in , Ferretti and Conforti were amongst a group of Catholic priests who asked the emperor to be permitted to leave China.

The Battistini were suppressed by Napoleon I in and have since then been extinct. Saverio Maresca, as well as Ignazio Dracopoli. The latter had been educated in the Turkish section of the college. The college was sequestrated by the Italian state in Bonaventure, N. Gennaro Nardi, Cinesi a Napoli. Giacomo Di Fiore, Lettere di missionari dalla Cina — It received diocesan approbation on 31 March In a major seminary was built at Xuanhua.

For details see Dries Vanysacker, ed. Their work in Gansu was transferred to the Society of the Divine Word in Missions de Scheut, vol. Annalen der Missionarissen van Scheut. Missien in: China, Mongolie, Congo en Philippijnen, vol. Vincent de Paul in Paris on 17 April and received papal approbation on 12 January Unfortunately, the first missionaries fell prey to the controversy over the Chinese Rites and fell out of favor with the imperial court.

The first group died out by the s. The Vincentian mission in China began anew in Their return was motivated by 2 fundamental reasons. Leuven: Universitaire pers Leuven, , pp. Second, with the suppression of the Society of Jesus in , one of its members, Jean-Joseph-Marie Amiot, suggested to the French government that a French religious community should take over the Jesuit mission in Beijing.

Charles Paris. Raux was an astronomer and geographer who also knew botany well. Ghislain was a mechanical expert with knowledge of pumps, magnetism, vacuum, electricity which was at an early stage of investigation , and many other practical matters that were very useful in Beijing.

Paris was a talented watch maker and repairer. The Vincentians soon began missions in the area around Beijing. In the emperor expelled from Beijing all but 3 Portuguese Vincentians, who were members of the Bureau of Mathematics, and the French Vincentian Louis-Francois Lamiaux, who was the French interpreter at the court.

He and Josephus Han — regularly visited the dispersed Christian communities in the north of China and in Mongolia. Note also the Portuguese Lazarists in China: They were called to Macau by the Portuguese government in and directed many houses of education there; after the suppression of the Jesuits they replaced that order in China. The Portuguese had arrived at the same time as the French as successors to the Portuguese Jesuit missions in Macau and later Beijing.

Their position, especially in Macau, was more assured than that of their French confreres, as they were part of the governmentsponsored Portuguese Mission funded by the Portuguese queen. Such favor did not confer as much dignity as in previous centuries, but locally it was still important.

The Portuguese Empire was almost a spent force by , retaining a few colonies in Asia, of which Macau was of crucial importance to both trader and missionary. Although Portugal had little influence internationally, it still could interfere successfully in Church affairs and did so regularly. In , 2 Portuguese Vincentians arrived in Macau to set up a seminary there and later, in , 2 others moved to Beijing to take charge of the Portuguese Mission based there.

The Congregation was itself suppressed in Portugal in and the Portuguese Mission, in the government-sponsored form in which it had existed, was in serious decline by , at which time there were 11 Portuguese Vincentians in the Chinese Mission, 7 of whom worked in Macau. By , 18 issues had been published. Hubrecht C. Ceased with No. Bulletin religieux du Vicariat Apostolique du Tche-ly Central, no.

Le Missioni Estere Vincenziane. Rivista mensile illustrata, vol. In Latin and Chinese. Louis, Alfonso Maria de Liguori — , receiving papal approbation on 25 February The last Spanish Redemptorists were expelled from China in See also Boletim Gov. Thomas [pseud. Redemptoris, vol. Contains reports from China since Los Misioneros Redentoristas en el Celeste Imperio. Hoja de Propaganda Misionera, vol.

Email: [email protected] cmparis. Kenmore Ave. Paginas del diario de un misionero Mexico: Editorial Gerardo Mayela, , pp. The website includes biographies of individual missionaries. American CP priests and brothers of both the Eastern and Western provinces were sent to China in to establish and evangelize the Yuanling or Chenchow mission in Hunan raised to prefecture apostolic in ; vicariate apostolic ; diocese Primary evangelization occurred in the Diocese of Yuanling.

In Hunan, Communist revolutionary activities, famine, and banditry made life difficult for the CP. Yuanling was made a vicariate apostolic in and Msgr. Wave upon wave of refugees and sick and wounded soldiers flooded the cities. Joseph of Baden, Pennsylvania.

The last members of the CP were expelled in Pierre ErdozaincyEtchard was appointed ecclesiastical superior. The territory was elevated to Prefecture Apostolic of Tali in Following their expulsion from China in , the Betharram Fathers established a new mission in Thailand. Official Periodicals: The Sign — Hunan News — Published internally by the Passionists to inform its members about the ministerial, social, and political situation of the Passionists in China.

Campana Sianyang. First published by the Stigmatins; later by Chinese secular clergy. Entre nous Dali, Yunnan. Internal publication. Joseph C. Henchey CSS, Stigmatibus D. Gaspare Bertoni — in Verona, Italy; decree of commendation 16 April ; papal approbation 15 September Tarcisio Martina was appointed ecclesiastical superior of the mission. During the Anti—Japanese War, rural mission work was severely disrupted by the contest between the Japanese and the Chinese Communist guerrillas.

In Bishop Martina was accused by the Communist authorities of plotting against the new government and was condemned to life imprisonment. He was expelled in It is one of the mendicant religious orders. Giovanni Mancini dei SS. Agostino e Monica — , having survived a shipwreck near Xiamen Fujian , reached Fuzhou Fujian in November Augustine mission in Guangdong. He subsequently went to Tonkin.

Giovanni Battista and Sigismondo Mainardi di S. Nicola — The last 2 Discalced Augustinians, Anselmo da S. Margherita and Adeodato di Agostino, arrived in China in They were given permission to leave China in and arrived in Manila in July Gregorio de religiosos descalzos de N. Francisco en las islas Philipinas, China, Japon, etc.

Extra-muros de la Ciudad de Manila: Por Fr. Juan del Sotillo, — , 3 vols. Sinica Franciscana, vol. Antonii, , 2 parts. IX: Fortunato Margiotti, ed. X: Antonio Sisto Rosso, ed. Literature: Gabriele M. Agostiniana], It should be noted that these Spanish friars were subject to the patronato real and thus independent of the Portuguese padroado and Propaganda Fide.

In the course of the eighteenth century, in consequence of the proscription of Christianity, the number of Spanish Franciscans gradully declined. In the last Spanish Alcantarine left Macau for Manila. It was not until that the Spanish Alcantarines also joined the union. Missionaries were sent out under the authority of the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith in Rome. In the seminary of the MEP was established and in approved. From the midnineteenth century the society had also allocated work in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Manchuria.

The first 4 brothers took vows on 28 April In there were 45 members. Some of the brothers of the Disciples of the Sacred Heart of Jesus made a fresh start in Hong Kong after , but the congregation is now defunct. Compte rendu des travaux Paris, —. Adrien Launay, Histoire des Missions de Chine. Francis Xavier Congregation for the Foreign Missions.

In the Xaverians were given charge of the mission in western Henan. In the vicariate since called Vicariate Apostolic of Chengchow was divided and the Prefecture in elevated to Vicariate Apostolic of Loyang erected. The latter was completely destroyed as a result of military action in December In October Xaverian priests arrived at Fangzi, Vicariate Apostolic of Chefoo Shandong , to start a new mission there in accordance with the wishes of Propaganda Fide. Their work ended with the Communist occupation in July Between —, Xaverians were sent to China.

In the Xaverian missionaries began a new apostolate in Taiwan. John the Baptist thus served as auxiliaries in the parishes entirely under Chinese episcopal authority. In the face of mounting Japanese aggression, the Little Brothers began to adopt a more patriotic approach to encompass the social reconstruction of China.

As early as , following the Japanese invasion of Rehe, Lebbe organized for the first time a group of medical orderlies and stretcher-bearers, officered by 20 Little Brothers. Since the Vincentians in North China violently opposed this patriotic engagement, Lebbe left the Congregation of the Mission and, following his vows as a Little Brother, became superior of that congregation in December In the motherhouse moved to Hong Kong.

In it was moved to Taiwan and is located in the Diocese of Taichung. The Congregation of St. Saverio in Cina Parma, —; printed —. Usually bimonthly. Vita Nostra di Missione, [Bollettino privato], [Tianjin], —. On 8 September Garnier received the vows of the first religious. In the brothers were absorbed by the Marist Brothers of the Schools. Cl[aude] Soetens, ed.

Literature: G. In the FMS was invited to teach in St. In Bishop Valentine Garnier made Fr. In Wuchow became an independent mission and was elevated to prefecture apostolic in and to vicariate apostolic in In the Kweilin territory in the Vicariate Apostolic of Nanning was annexed to Wuchow, but became a separate prefecture apostolic in A new opportunity for mission work arose in distant Manchuria in , a work that resulted in the erection of the Prefecture Apostolic of Fushun in elevated to vicariate apostolic in Genval, Belgium: Ed.

Chinese-American Bulletin, vol. Bimonthly September to May. Maryknoll Mission Letters, China, vol. Box , Maryknoll, NY , U. The vicar apostolic of Canton having indicated that territory of his mission would eventually be transferred to the American priests, the first MM fathers arrived from the U. Giuseppe Marinoni was installed as the director, a post he would hold for 41 years. In Frs. Camillo Other Names: Order of St. But the initiative, too isolated, soon came to an end.

The first priest died after 10 years and the second went back to Italy in Umberto Amici and Marcello Caon reached Zhaotong in and were lodged in the residence of the apostolic administrator. During breaks from study they served in the St. Joseph Hospital, built by Msgr. The Camillians concerned themselves in particular with lepers. But their Yunnan apostolate was rather brief. They were incarcerated and eventually expelled by the Communists in The Camillians are now working in Taiwan and on the Pescadores Islands.

Official Periodical: Le Missione Cattoliche, vol. Official Periodical: Missione Camilliane, vol. I Milano, —V , and later. Linckens in In Hiltrup missionaries established themselves in Guizhou. The mission was raised to prefecture apostolic in In the face of banditry, war, and revolution, the MSC missionaries persevered until Galvin — In June he returned to the United States from China and visited priest friends and bishops from San Francisco to Brooklyn, sharing his plans.

Having received encouragement from them, he sailed to Ireland in August and gained his first recruits at Maynooth. An able young professor, Fr. Galvin and Blowick spent the year planning and laying foundations. On 29 June , the Society of St. Columban was formally approved, with final approbation on 5 June The first Columban seminary was opened in Ireland.

A few months later, the American headquarters was established in St. Columbans, Nebraska. In a few years a seminary was opened there as well. In , with the Missionary Society of St. Columban SSC already numbering 40 priests and 60 seminarians, Fr. Galvin led the first pioneer band of missionaries to China, and Fr. Blowick devoted his energies to forming the new Society.

They took charge of the Prefecture Apostolic of Hanyang established , raised to vicariate in in Hubei. Not published — Literature: Joseph Rath, Botschaft der Liebe. Zum Emil Schuman, Missionsleiden und Missionsfreuden. Columban, vol.

Columbans, Nebr. In the abbey had over 70 members from various countries, but mainly Chinese. The monks did not undertake any direct missionary apostolate or pastoral work. Theirs was an apostolate of prayer. The Trappist Abbey of Our Lady of Consolation was destroyed in the summer of , and its religious community subjected to brutal treatment during which 33 members died.

The survivors reorganized themselves in Beijing under the leadership of the Belgian priest Jean-Marie Struyven. New novices joined and there were new professions and priestly ordinations. But this development came to an end with a new wave of persecutions in In the establishment had the following personnel: Choir Monks: 15 professed, 7 novices, and 2 Latinists; Lay Brothers: 12 professed, 5 novices, and 11 postulants. The Liesse community was able to avoid persecution and migrated to Hong Kong.

Literature: Robert T. Columbans, NE , U. Since On 16 June , the first convent buildings were consecrated and gradually Chinese novices began Literature: A. Stanislaus Jen, Te martyrium candidatus, laudat exercitus! Castellan, Storia della missione carmelitana in Cina, — [] , pp. Inspired by the example of St. John of the Cross born Juan de Yepes and 3 other friars in The OCD unsuccessfully tried to establish itself at Macau in — They began studying the Chinese language with the eventual hope of gaining some territory from the Qizhou Diocese.

In the summer of , they began to work in the northeastern section of the diocese; a contract was signed for 5 districts which would one day become an independent entity. This work of the OCD ended with the changed political situation in China and the subsequent departure of 6 Carmelites in early Francis of Assisi at Assisi, Italy, in The arrival of the first Spanish friar in Fujian in signaled the beginning of the second phase of Franciscan endeavor in China see under Discalced Friars Minor.

These Propaganda missionaries established themselves in northwestern Shandong including certain adjacent parts in Zhili now Hebei , Shaanxi-Gansu, and Shanxi. Since the vicar apostolic of Shaanxi-Shanxi also administered the Vicariate Apostolic of Huguang i. Literature: Luigi Teruzzi in religion Piergiuseppe di S. Moreover, the specific Franciscan missions took on a distinctly national character, especially after the completion of transforming the padroado dioceses into vicariates apostolic.

By the late nineteenth century it had become customary to assign friars from a particular OFM province to their own independent mission missio sui iuris , prefecture apostolic, or vicariate apostolic in China. See table on p. Map 1. Louis of Acquitaine Province St. Denis Province Metz St. Joseph Province Cincinnati St. John the Baptist Province Trento St.

Catherine Province St. Language School in Beijing: Domus Franciscana 2. Yaowan North Jiangsu — 3. Nanjing House Jiangsu 5. Beijing Parishes — 6. The work was subsequently transferred to Hong Kong. French Canadians from the Franciscan Prov. Joseph of Eastern Canada were present in the V. Annales des Missions Franciscaines — Translations from Cronaca see below. Antoniusbote, Monatsschrift der Franziskaner Missionen, vols. In Italian. The Brief, Franciscan missionary magazine under the patronage of St.

Anthony of Padua, vols. In Latin. Communicationes pro Missionaris Shantung Septentrionalis Jinan, — , later. The Franciscan Herald Chicago, — Denys et de St. Mitteilungen aus der Tiroler Franziskanerprovinz —. Nelle Marche Tibettane con S. Francesco tra i Lebbrosi. La Revue franciscaine Bordeaux, — Seraphisches Weltapostolat, vols. De Stem van Sint-Antonius, vol. La Voce missionaria, vol. Visits with the Missionaries Franciscan missionaries in China , 1 iss.

Carine Dujardin, Missionering en moderniteit. Joannes [Giovanni] Ricci, Vicariatus Taiyuanfu, seu, Brevis historia antiquae franciscanae missionis Shansi et Shensi a sua origine ad dies nostros — Pekini: [ex typographia] Congregationis Missionis, , ix, pp. Concerns the V. Chowtsun, Shandong. Bernardini della Chiesa O. Romae: apud Collegium S. Antonii, VI: Georges Mensaert, ed. James of Compostella Santiago Compostellae S.

Jacobi Prov. Archivist P. Alex Coenen OFM. Leuven, Accession No. Anthony Friary, Meramec St. Louis, MO , U. Francis Monastery, W. John the Baptist, Mill Rd. Antonio da Padova, Via S. In the early years, the fledgling Gansu mission received personnel support from the Capuchin Province of St. Augustine, Pittsburgh, and other Capuchin provinces. The Spanish Capuchins were expelled in Jahresbericht — Provinz-Bote der Nordtiroler Kapuziner, vol.

Seraphisches Weltapostolat des hl. Franz v. Assisi, Illustrierte Monatsschrift des Kapuzinerordens, vol. Missionsnachrichten aus Tsinchow, Kansu, vol. Verdad y Caridad, vol. They were officially recognized as an independent religious order on 3 July In his bull Religionis zellus, Pope Clement VII released the friars from their obedience to the Franciscans and constituted them a separate order and distinct members of the sons of St.

Francis; it is one of the mendicant religious orders. The earliest Capuchin missionaries were active in Tibet. The first friars of the Capuchin province of the Marche set out from Europe in May Of the 6 who set out for Tibet, 2 died on board the ship; 1 was put ashore at Cyprus, too ill to carry on; 1 remained at Chandanagore in India.

Only 2 were able to set out from India for Tibet. They arrived in Kathmandu on 21 February , but stayed only long enough to arrange their journey to Tibet, departing on 12 June of the same year for Lhasa. The Capuchin presence at Lhasa was maintained intermittently until , when Francesco Orazio Olivieri della Penna — was forced to abandon it. In the modern period, German Capuchins from the Rhenish-Westphalian province were given the Vicariate Apostolic of East Gansu in the name was changed to Tsinchow in As a consequence of World War I, they had been expelled from the former German colonies in the Pacific Caroline and Mariana Islands and had been in search of a new mission territory.

Exzellenz Salvator Petrus Walleser O. American friars from the Province of the Immaculate Conception participated in this mission from until the outbreak of the Anti—Japanese War. The Minorite —35 , continued as The Companion of St. Francis and St. Anthony — Sardegna Serafica, vol. La Voce del Padre, vol. Joseph, Mt. Elliott St. Missionaria Italiana, , pp. A second edition was published at Oristano in Francis chose to minister in the heart of the cities rather than in more remote hermitages.

They chose to band together in concentrated communities, in large houses, or friaries conventus, from the Latin. Background Note: In several eremitical communities in Tuscany, Italy, were united into a single religious order with the Rule and way of life of St.

Augustine of Hippo d. In a new attempt was undertaken by the Spanish friars from the Philippines with the acquisition by Alvaro Benavente — and Juan Nicolas de Rivera — of a house at Zhaoqing. Having been forced to leave China a few years later, Benavente returned to the country as vicar apostolic of Jiangxi in January A number of confreres joined him in the years that followed. However, as a consequence of the complications arising from the Rites Controversy and the proscription of Christianity, most friars had left by the end of the eighteenth century.

The edict of the Spanish Government suppressing religious communities and closing religious houses in Spain in did not affect the continued flow of Spanish priests to the Philippines, for the special college in Valladolid, Spain, specifically to prepare men for the Augustinian ministry in the East was allowed to continue. Thus it became possible for a new mission to be undertaken in China by the Spanish Augustinians from the Philippines.

Affected by revolution and war, the mission survived until In the name was changed to Order of St. Augustine OSA. Hecha y ordenada por. Con un itinerario del Nuevo Mundo. See also English editions. Agustinos, vol. Domingo de Guzman in Toulouse, France. The province was specifically founded to evangelize the countries of East Asia, including China. Several further unsuccessful attempts were made from the Philippines to establish a permanent presence in China.

It was not until the s that a sustained apostolate became possible on the Chinese mainland. The first Dominican to arrive from Manila was Angelo Cocchi — , an Italian by birth, in

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The tower of the present building dates from the midth century, chancel and nave from the first two decades of the 16th century. The church was a popular place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, as it was believed to be built over the grave of a Chrischona, revered as a saint in the area, the various legends around her are unclear and contradictory, and she was never officially canonized.

With the Reformation in the pilgrimages ceased, the church became more and more neglected and also damaged and robbed the Years War. In Christian Friedrich Spittler received permission to renovate the church. In he founded at this point the Pilgermission St. Chrischona, an evangelical community association in pietistic tradition, which still has its center here.

The tower of the present building dates from the midth century, chancel and nave from the first two decades of the 16th century. The church was a popular place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, as it was believed to be built over the grave of a Chrischona, revered as a saint in the area, the various legends around her are unclear and contradictory, and she was never officially canonized. With the Reformation in the pilgrimages ceased, the church became more and more neglected and also damaged and robbed the Years War.

In Christian Friedrich Spittler received permission to renovate the church. In he founded at this point the Pilgermission St. Chrischona, an evangelical community association in pietistic tradition, which still has its center here. DE: Die Kirche St.

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Kirche St Chrischona Bettingen Kt BS

Der Familientreff Bettingen Chrischona wurde von mehreren motivierten Bettinger Eltern ins Leben gerufen. Der Familientreff steht unter der Schirmherrschaft der evangelisch Missing: burton. St. Chrischona der Hausberg von Basel ist die dritthöchste Erhebung des Dinkelberges und liegt auf m ü M. St. Chrischona ist auf zwei Seiten von der Gren Missing: burton. Kirche St. Chrischona - Bettingen, BS, Switzerland. in Medieval Churches. Posted by: fi N 47° E ° 32T E N Quick Description: The origins of this Missing: burton.