better place to work apple or google ecosystem
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Better place to work apple or google ecosystem

It's worth noting, though, that Google Fit allows you to measure your heart rate on an iPhone without a smartwatch. So if you don't want to buy a wearable and are interested in knowing your BPM, then Google Fit could be a tempting app to keep installed. The app is also capable of measuring your respiratory rate. I personally depend on my Apple Watch to keep track of my heart rate -- Fit is useless to me. Maps This is a service that Apple struggles to compete with, relatively speaking.

Google Maps, especially in third world countries, is much more populated, detailed, and accurate than Apple's. When I used to live in Lebanon, Apple Maps was pretty much useless. However, as a local, I didn't depend on maps much. That's because the country is tiny, I was generally familiar with the areas associated with my routines, and I didn't do a lot of exploring on my own. Last year I moved to Turkey, and that changed everything. For starters, Istanbul is gigantic -- coming from a city as small as Beirut.

Secondly, I don't speak Turkish, so I have to completely depend on maps to find my way around. While Apple Maps in Turkey is not as much of a ghost town as it is in Lebanon, it still isn't complete. Additionally, it doesn't support saving maps for offline navigation. I do have mobile data at all times, but I still like keeping an offline map available as a just in case thing. Another advantage of using Google's is navigation through public transport.

Apple's neither supports this nor street view in the region. That's how I ended up a prisoner to Google Maps. But hey -- Apple Maps has a macOS app. I understand that Apple's is more populated in first world countries, especially the US. So if you live there, you will likely have no trouble completely depending on it and ditching Google's.

I've tried so many times to uninstall Google Maps here, but it always finds its way back to my iPhone. So that's one service stopping me for the time being from achieving the de-Googled life again. Translate That's the other Google service I can't get rid of. However, macOS still lacks an Apple Translate app. Additionally, the company only supports around a dozen languages, while Google supports over a hundred.

You'd think the few languages the Cupertino giant supports have been perfected -- but no. Google's Arabic translations are notably more human. While Apple's might be grammatically and semantically correct most of the time , they don't sound as natural.

This makes complete sense, considering Apple has just entered this domain. Google Translate has been around for many years, which enables the company to provide more accurate translations through a richer database. It additionally can translate more advanced and complex walls of text without losing context. Both services support offline translations, but Google's execution is more efficient and data-friendly. None of the languages I've downloaded on Google Translate exceed mb.

On the contrary, downloading a single language on Apple Translate heated up my iPhone and consumed several hundred megabytes of storage. That's because Turkish isn't one of the few available languages. And most of the locals here don't speak English, so I can't depend on that as a lingua franca. What frustrates me, though, is that the Apple Translate app and system-wide translations such as in Safari and Messages are neatly built. It's just that Apple doesn't have Google's database.

It's like riding a fancy, shiny car with a broken engine. So if you live in your homeland or in a country that you speak the language of, this is a Google service you can likely ditch. Communication I won't list Google's communication services because honestly I'm no longer counting or keeping track -- for obvious reasons.

Generally speaking, people depend on a handful of IM apps, based on where they and their loved ones live. So even if some of your contacts use an app by Google to communicate, you will likely find them on a different IM app. So communication has never been a de-Googling obstacle -- to me at least.

Mail If you've already created your online accounts using your Gmail, then de-Googling will sound like a nightmare. However, it's not as complicated as you'd picture it from afar. Once upon a time, I was an Android user, and all of my online accounts were based on my Gmail. After making the move to iCloud Mail, I just changed my active accounts' email to the iCloud one. Most online services allow you to change your email address, so that shouldn't be an issue.

And to make sure I don't potentially miss any emails from old contacts I've forgotten about -- since I no longer check my Gmail -- I've set a forwarding rule that automatically sends them from my Gmail to my iCloud inbox. Seriously, it's simpler than it sounds.

While they're not identical, both sets support the main features you'd expect the respective apps to have. Additionally, by using Apple's, you get instant background sync through iCloud. So the content remains up to date on all of your iDevices.

The same applies to the Photos apps. There will always be exclusive perks on either side, but they're usually not deal-breakers to most average users. If you want to type a document on your Mac, you have to use Google Docs on the web. Apple's iWork suite allows you to work on documents, sheets, and presentations on macOS through dedicated, native apps. So by using Apple's productivity tools, you don't have to depend on web apps.

News Apple News is only available in a handful of countries. If you live in a region where it's not supported, then you will either have to use apps like Flipboard or depend on Google News. If Apple News isn't available for you, though, there are plenty of other non-Google apps for your daily dose of international drama. Apps have been able to update automatically in the background since Android Nougat, released in A fingerprint reader or face scanner is a nice perk for workers who want to keep their smartphone locked down without fussing with a password or PIN every time they power on their devices.

Which platform is more secure? Android and iOS take very different approaches to security, so which is better? The answer is that both platforms offer strong security most of the time. Occasionally, security vulnerabilities are discovered in one or the other, making that platform a bit less secure until the problem is fixed. Overall, though, business users should feel comfortable using either platform. Tip: Looking to keep work messages secure? Check out the five best free secure messaging apps for business that work for both iOS and Android.

However, the Google Play store has come a long way and boasts a robust app selection. Additionally, nearly every major app has iOS and Android versions. Here are a few app factors to consider: App availability. Android app development, by contrast, has to take a wide range of screen resolutions and technical specifications into account because the platform is available to any manufacturer. App quality. There was a time when any app developer had easy access to upload their apps to the Google Play store, which often led to subpar or potentially dangerous apps making their way onto phones.

Bad actors found it easier to install malware on Android phones than on more closely controlled iPhones. Google has worked to fix this issue by checking apps for malware before approval, but bad and poorly developed apps still exist. Business app availability. The App Store also boasts myriad iPhone business apps , including iPhone business contact management apps , while Google Play offers Android business apps , Android apps for IT professionals , Android email apps and more.

In most cases, your phone will be snappy in response to your screen gestures and taps. When to choose iOS: If you want a more straightforward and consistent experience across multiple devices, iOS is the right choice. Android users can customize nearly everything about their user experience and can organize their apps screens more freely. Both platforms also incorporate helpful voice-activated personal assistants: Siri on iOS. Google Assistant.

Ultimately, which platform offers the best user interface is a matter of personal preference. Budget factors to consider in iOS vs. Android Price is perhaps one of the most significant considerations in the choice between an iPhone and an Android phone.

High-end device costs: With Android phones, you have myriad options at a range of prices. Luckily, prior generations of iOS and Android phones are still serviceable and usually cost several hundred dollars less. Remember that Android also has a massive range of smartphones available from a broad swath of manufacturers, so prices vary wildly.

The iOS-powered iPhone is an excellent choice for Apple fans who use Mac computers because the devices integrate seamlessly. Plus, iPhones are extremely polished and easy-to-use devices with strong security and a wide app selection. Android, on the other hand, is a good pick for users who want more hardware options.

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It highly depends on your workflow and the sacrifices you’re willing to make. If you use a ton Google Drive with Gmail and Docs, go with Google. If you’re not that dependent on Google . Jan 05,  · It won’t be easy. Google is announcing no fewer than 13 different new software features at CES , ranging from AirPods-like fast switching to promised software that will . Google — IT gives You The Best Experience in terms of Features And Compatibility and It is for some Hacker. Apple — IT give You The Safest And Smoothest experience which I think If Any .