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4050 non investing hex buffer non

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Please contact us should you require more details. The cart delivery "Ship to me" will present what options are available to suit your order. Delivery Addresses Goods cannot be delivered to a post office box via an express courier service.

If shipping to a PO Box you must select standard delivery during checkout. Company policy is that we do not under any circumstances issue instructions to our couriers to leave deliveries unattended when no one is at the delivery location. Heavy Goods For unusually large or bulky orders our customer service staff may contact you if any additional freight costs are needed.

We do not automatically insure unless you specify it during the checkout. If you don't select insurance you are NOT insured. Array MCP. T Mono. Darlington Trans. Volt Comp. Biphase Stepper Motor Driver 3. Pins Description [ PartNo. Pins -Description. Line Driver 1. Switching Regulator 1. Volt Reg. Outputs 2. Voltage Reg. Dual Peripheral OR Drive. In addition to radio controlled hobby, toy and industrial applications, the encoder section can provide a serial input of six words for hard wired, infrared or fiber optic communication links.

This unit is designed for ultrasonic or infrared remote control of TV receivers, converters, communication receivers, and games. Channel selection up to 16 channels can be done single entry; or, up to channels can be done double entry. The device is well suited for use at either 27MHz or 72MHz in controlling various toys or hobby craft such as cars, boats, tanks, trucks, robots, planes and trains.

The crystal controlled superhet design offers both good sensitivity and selectivity. When operated in conjunction with the companion transmitter, LM, it provides four independent information channels. Darlington Transistor Array 1. Interface or -2 3. Divider 4. Element 4. Interval Timer 1. Interval Timer 2. Interval Timer UPD 3. Interval Timer 10MHz 9. Interrupt Controller UPD 1. Interrupt Controller A-2 1. Two volume set 2, pages » Size: 7" x 9" «Weight: 3 Ibs.

Video Interface Chip 3. We carry major manufacturers — call for pricing in quantities over Example: Find Product No. This part can be ordered under Part no. Some ICs have two different product numbers. Jameco uses the most common industry product no. Open your catalog to page 7 and locate part Notice that 80C98 is the product no. Use the Jameco part number to place your order.

Product Part? This volume also provides information on the extensive listing of T's operational amplifier products. Functional selector guide provides an overview of current and planned devices. Includes a comparison of the principal characteristics of the two families.

Complete specifications are provided in the form of data sheets. In addition, a product selector guide and handling and design guidelines chapter are included for further information. This data book contains up-to-date information on the complete product line. Includes 82 pages of application notes. Complete specifications for the individual circuits are provided in the form of data sheets. A selector guide and a cross-reference are included. Also included is a complete index, detailed information and application notes for buffers, memory and microprocessor support devices.

The high integration Intel microprocessor maintains binary compatibility with precious members of the x86 architectural family, but it also processes many enhancements. The most recent member of the family, the Intel DX2, incorporates new speed doubler technology that enables the chip to operate twice as fast as surrounding components. Written for the experienced design engineer, this data book discusses all of these enhancements and more.

This data book is the source for all the basic technical specifications for Intel's newest generation of high-end processors. Covers frequency division multiplexing, time division multiplexing, and T1 multiplexing. Discusses industry standards and technologies. Capelo and Robert C. Brenner This book does an excellent job covering basic electronics principles and how they relate to VOR performance.

Gives suggestions on how to avoid breakdowns. Discusses the theory and techniques behind over-the-air and cable signals. Provides actual descrambling projects. Includes hands-on projects for building a scrambler and descrambler. Shows readers how to build a video test generator with scrambling capability. Bigelow This successful title explores how conventional telephone systems operate and how digital electronics replace them.

Introduces state-of-the-art speech, circuits, dialing, ringing, and central office electronics. Dissects modems and digital technique transmissions. Studies microcomputer and cellular phones. Covers capacitors, inductors, and other components with their behavior at RF frequencies being discussed in detail. Examines Q, bandwidth, and coupling of resonant circuits. Transistor behavior at RF frequencies is discussed and data sheets are explained. Y and S parameters are introduced.

Includes a bibliography of books and technical papers in the appendix to help you further your learning. Appendix includes numerous, helpful charts and tables on system specifications and technical information.

A must for every student! The do -it- yourselfer's dream! For the traveller: airline and lost credit card numbers, area codes, airport info, money exchange rates, climate data and time zones. And much, much more. Glover and Millie M. Best of all, it fits in your shirt pocket! Warring Now revised with state of the art information on all the modern advances in electronics. This is a thorough examination of dozens of components. You'll learn exactly what each one is, what it looks like, what it does, and in what types of circuits it is used.

No technician's library is complete without it. User-oriented, stresses real-world applications, pays attention to detail, with a minimum of math and heavy theory. Topics covered include: Op-Amp basics, logarithmic and multiplier circuit techniques, amplifier techniques, comparators, the integrator and the differentiator, signal-generation circuits and more! In the table below, we have listed the case and style of the crystal. If it is parallel resonance, the load capacitance is listed. Lee e Rudd 2.

Suitable for use in computer and digital based equipment. The VAC Tweezer contains: 5 pad sizes- 0. Size range ASLX. Operating temperature range Leakage Current 0. Inductor Test Freg, Tol. SRF MHz min. RDC Ohms max. Coil Dia. Part No Ohms — :. Panel Thickness: 0. Ohms Military No. Description 20mA. LEDs and Lamp Fig. Vf If MCD 10 22 2. Triac Driver : ;! Size and shape meet design requirements for a variety of applications.

O5 Solder lugs XD 12 10 R 1 d. Pagdmun — 03A 30m-ohm 0. There are , operations within the design range. The switches are operational at a gradient of at least 40 degrees. Switch resistance is 0. Not recommended for a the appliance of current under 20mA. Description SWL 12 1. Description 9 22 0g.

TA A Includes blank adhesive labels e Drawer size: 5. Description 14 PartNo. Description 14 pc. Radial Capacitor Kit Description sg Includes 82 pes. Description 14 ufi6v 22uf50v uf50v — uf50v — 10yf50v Includes pcs. Desorption id T 70 pc. Diode Kit Description ff PartNo. Description 84 pc. Description Fig. Provides two jacks from one line. Provides two jacks from one cable. Description Dim. Weight: 5 lbs. Pins — — —? Description GB ea.

Description ea. Product Wo. Description 19 19 f M51! Description Price PartNo. Description — — T3. Connectors are not included. Description Application 19 6. Size: 1. Size: 2. Converts an RCA type Size: 2. Size: 3' Lx 0. Type 2 PartNo. Twinaxial Connectors Part No. Description Standard cable tie Clear 3.

Tie Wrap Kit Three different size tie wraps: e 3. Description 99 TW 75 pc. Description 0. Description Flat cable strain relief cable size:. Thread Size Length 4. Thread Size Length S O os. Color ft. Conductors ft. Please specify Part No. OS deus 2. Sees Groce OV oors 2. Beige 6 2to3-Ground Adapter 1. ForUse With — 1 No. For Use With T? TO-3 Metal insulator. Description Power Ohm 2. E c90,05 Jameco Voice Coil Speaker e 0.

Description Micro mini alarm siren No added surcharges. You may pay by check or money order in U. Personal checks are accepted. Federal Express does not accept cash as payment for C. Please ask for the Jameco Quote Department for bulk purchase discounts. Jameco's Quote Department offers competitive pricing and personalized service to those customers interested in volume purchases. All foreign orders must be prepaid with credit card, wire transfer, traveler's checks, cashier's check or money order drawn on a U.

Please do not send cash. Letters of Credit are not an acceptable form of payment. Orders of U. Contact Jameco for additional information. Please specify carrier. All returns that meet postal requirements must be sent prepaid via air parcel post. No returns will be accepted by any other method due to excessive U.

All shipments via any other method will be refused at the port of entry. Some items in our catalog do not meet postal regulations and therefore cannot be covered under warranty. If you are unsure of a product's eligibility please check with Jameco at the time the order is placed.

Please include applicable tax for your area i. Customers having a current California Resale Card on file with Jameco will be exempt from sales tax. We reserve the right to substitute manufacturers. Items Subject to availability and prior sale. Products pictured may only be representative.

Prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. Occasionally orders may be delayed resulting in shipment no later than 48 hours after order receipt. Please specify preference. All orders shipped FOB origin. Priority Shipment Orders: All orders must be placed by p.

All orders placed after p. Please specify AM delivery on order form. The above rates apply to single box shipments that are less than 50 Ibs. Please call for shipping quote on packages greater than 50 Ibs. If you have a preference, please specify. In case of concealed damage or loss, retain all packing material for inspection by the carrier. Any damage, loss, shortage or other discrepancy with your requested order must be reported within 10 days of receipt.

Jameco will not be responsible for damaged parcels which are not inspected by the carrier. Orders must be placed two hours prior to pick-up and before P. Returns must be shipped prepaid. Sorry, no freight collect packages accepted. Please complete the Customer Service Form Stating the reason for the return and action to be taken.

Requests for refunds will be limited to. Merchandise returned must be in original, new condition and be accompanied by all original packaging, documentation and accessories. Returns after 30 days, or without complete packaging, will be accepted only for exchange of defective product under the terms of our limited warranty. Books, software, grab bags and special orders are not returnable. Jameco's warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of the defective item at no charge if we determine such item to be defective.

Defective items must be shipped prepaid. The foregoing remedy is customer's only remedy for breach of this limited warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any item if defects have been caused by improper customer assembly, failure by customer to follow instructions, product modification, negligent or improper operation.

Modification, repair or attempted repair by anyone other than Jameco without the prior written permission of Jameco will void this limited warranty. Customer should understand that Jameco does not make any representation that products purchased will suit customer's particular purpose.

Customer must rely on customer's own skill or judgement in selecting suitable products for customer. To the extent any implied warranty is applicable, such warranty shall be limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Jameco shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages for breach of any warranty, expressed or implied, directly or indirectly arising out of Jameco's sale of merchandise, including any failure to deliver any merchandise, or arising out of customer's installation or use, whether proper or improper, of the product, separately or in combination with other equipment, or from any other cause.

These conversations will not be recorded in any manner. This number will be shown on your catalog mailing label or on a recent packing slip. To expedite all orders and correspondence, please reference your Customer Number. Customer Number: If you've previously ordered, your six digit customer number will be located above your mailing address on the back label. C] Next Day Air Service - p.

See opposite page for other shipping methods and conditions of sale. Shipping rate is based on a single package shipment. Authorized purchase order number required. Thus they are incompatible without the CC Card. The CC Card allows these two dissimilar systems to fully communicate with one another. Although all batteries must eventually be replaced, it's nice to know today's Xtend batteries supply more power and last longer than the original energy cells shipped with yesterday's elec- tronic devices.

Manufacturer Model No. Data Book pg.

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Hex non-inverting buffers. The HEFB provides six non-inverting buffers with high current output capability suitable for driving TTL or high capacitive loads. Since input voltages in . Jul 11,  · non investing hex buffer with open The 74HC is a hex buffer with over-voltage tolerant inputs. 74HC Hex non-inverting HIGH-to-LOW level shifter. Buffers & Line . The HEFB provides six non-inverting buffers with high current output capability suitable for driving TTL or high capacitive loads. Since input voltages in excess of the buffers’ supply .